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My First post

December 16, 2007

My_firstIts been long since I created this blog but haven’t posted anything. I’ve been wondering from quite a while what prompted me to create a blog, was it just because it sounded good having a blog or was I really eager to write?!!! Well, if I give it a thought I feel that I was really impressed by my friends’ blogs and it was then that I realized that even people like me who are too lazy to do most of the things have a an innate feeling of expressing(or rather trying to express) ones’ ideas, opinions, fears………….. in the form of a blog.

Well now that I have started writing my first post, I was faced by a simple yet complex question of what should I write? then I decided why to start with complex things why not start writing about myself. Not a kind of biography but what I think about myself and all that stuff.

I think one word that describes me aptly is ‘complex’. I don’t know why but I always find myself as a complex person. I think I’m a very jovial person and make everyone around me happy, but that’s when I’m not thinking about anything else. But when I’m disturbed or sad or worried or whatever I’m very gloomy. I don’t take decisions on my own be it simpler ones like which dress to buy or important ones like what course to study. I’m happy that I’ve got a wonderful family and a few friends who help me make my life easy. Its not that I’m dependent on others for everything in my life but it feels good when someone help you out.

Most of my friends have said that they dint kind of like me when they first met me but now (they say) I’m a nice person… I feel I’m like a frog in the well which thinks that the well is the only world. I don’t trust people easily and I don’t make friends easily and may be I react in a hostile way when people try to do so and may be it’s the first reason why no one likes me the first time they meet me. But once I trust them I feel I can trust my life with them.. I think may be because of such kind of behavior I lost a hundred friends but I can bet I earned some ‘true’ friends.

I behave indifferently to some situations, to which people empathize and sometimes I find myself moaning for the miseries of people I don’t even know. Every coin has two sides and may be I’m jumping from this side to that every now and then and that’s the reason why I’m so complex. But I think I’ve come to know of one thing through writing this blog that not every action can be judged as good or bad. There are some actions which are beyond reason… I’ve thought I’ll be writing about myself and I’ve ended up being philosophical. One thing is for sure Thoughts and life cannot be controlled what we can do is just turn them in the right direction.

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