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Journey to DELOITTE

January 11, 2008

After finishing engineering everyone would like to get a job and settle in life. I was no exception. In this cut throat world of competition let me put in words my journey from dreaming for a good job to getting a good (if not the best) job.

3rd year 1st semester: The placement season had just begun for my seniors. With each day passing there were a number of surprises and shocks. Some people whom I thought will be ending up in good jobs dint and unexpected people got great jobs. This was the time we came to know about the procedures of written test and interviews and many other things that mattered in the process of getting a job. The semester passed leaving all of us with little bit of information.

3rd year 2nd semester: No sooner did the semester start we all started getting tensed and consulted our seniors as to how to prepare to get a good job. The first thing most of them did was buying puzzles by SHAKUNTALA DEVI. It was considered as a guide to write the written test of ‘infosys’. And the next book which ought to be with everyone was word power made easy by Norman Lewis, not to mention the quantative and verbal ability books by R.S.Agarwal. By the end of the semester almost all of the students ended up buying atleast 2 if not all of those books. Then around in mid march we had a two day workshop by tcs and career launcher guiding us in the preparation. Cl people also conducted a mock written test which I did horribly. Though the test was conducted to boost our morale and make us accustomed to the pattern of tests, it proved otherwise. It was after two days that we learned that not only individual performances but the performance of the whole department was well behind the other departments. The scene, however was opposite in the actual placementsJ

Then came SAMANVAYA 2007. It was an event organized by the placement office and the seniors. It consisted of technical and hr interviews. Though I did well in the hr, my technical interview was quite horrible. This left me pretty confused as to how I will be doing in the main interview.

Holidays: Though generally holidays were meant to be full of fun these holidays were different as immediately after them, our placement season would begin. I wondered whether it was because of the tension or because of a habit of getting used to studying 1 or 2 days before exam, I dint study that well. What all I did was revising C, C++ and java. But I was a bit confident that if I could clear the technical round, I could clear the hr round.

July 12th, the first day of placements:

Finally the D day. Visiting company: Infosys, cts. Though I wanted to take the tests of both the companies, I just wrote the written test of cts. Being a student of the prestigious osmania university everyone told me that there was a guarantee of getting a job, so why not try for getting a better one. And that’s the reason why I did not attend the interview process of infy.

As expected I got through the written test of cts. The interview process would be on the following day. So I sat in the assembly hall waiting for the written test result of infy. Most of my friends got through the test as well.

13th july, the day of interview:

As was the case with everyone I was much tensed. The interviewer asked me both technical questions and some puzzles. After the interview I felt that I did considerably well and I was waiting for the results to be announced which was to be done in the evening. The results were preceded by the placement officer. He first announced the results of cts. The whole auditorium fell silent and a couple of minutes later the whole list was read out and My name was not there. For a few seconds I went blank and then I told to myself that there a number of companies left and I could get a better job. And when I turned around I saw a number of disappointed faces. No one talked except for the ones who got selected. It was followed by the announcements of the results of infosys. By, the end of that day around 160 people was placed and the rest were left there jobless and thinking about what might have went wrong.

Then came wipro which I dint attend, which was followed by DeShaw and co, which was considered as the best job(had to be coz the pay is 10.04 lacs). I dint get through the written test and it recruited just 3members.

The next company was Intergraph. I dint know much about the company and was completely confused as to whether to attend the interview process of the company or not. Finally I decided to attend and took the test. I got through the written test and went to attend the interview in their office the next day. The first round was a technical round. There were two interviewers and they asked me questions on almost all subjects I read till then. After coming out of the room I felt that I dint do the interview to the level expected and I thought I may not be called for the next round. But, to my surprise I was called and I did my hr discussion well and I think the balance turned in favor of me when I told them what I knew about the company. This was followed by a round of both technical and hr questions. The day ended leaving me in both minds as to my performance in the interview. The results were announced the next day and I was one among the 3 students, the company recruited. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy coz I got a job and sad bcoz I couldn’t sit for all the companies from now on. The next company which I could attend is analog devices, and I couldn’t clear the written test of it.

Oneday in mid august:

Visiting company: Deloitte.

This company was well known and many students applied for it. Of around 300 students who wrote the written test, only 26 were short listed for the interview and luckily I was one of them. The first round of the interview consisted mostly of hr and a little bit of technical questions. The second round was full of technical questions. My first round went on very well and the second round was very bad. After having finished my interview, I had to wait for about an hour for the others’ interview to complete. And finally the results were announced. Only 6 members were recruited and the representative from the company started reading out the names. 1. 2. 3. 4. and the 5th name was mine. Everyone sitting beside me started congratulating me. It took a few minutes for the news to sink in and I was elated. I got a job which many considered as a dream job and I was very very happy as it was a job which my dad wanted to me to get into. And now, after nearly 5 months from that day I still feel happy and am really proud to be given a chance to be a part of “DELOITTE”. I still have to wait for another 4 months to really know how it is being an deloittian and till then I ll enjoy my engineering life thoroughly..

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  1. vishnu permalink
    January 11, 2008 12:57 PM

    beautiful dear.. enta baga rasave.. the way u explained made me get deeply involved in it.. i went back to tat time.. those tense moments, those excited news.. ha.. and the pics u chose were dam fantastic.. overall beautiful presentation… a wonderful thought.. i thoroughly enjoyed reading it… very very very nice re… inka emi analo ardm kavatle.. chala bagundi.. 🙂

  2. stari permalink
    January 11, 2008 9:38 PM

    hey thts gud ….
    so u got ur dream job and i am waiting for one so tht even i can write blog like you…. 😀
    i liked it… get set go ……….

  3. CH RAG MAYUR permalink
    January 11, 2008 10:02 PM

    hey send this blog even to our juniors
    oka mini-mini-movie laga undi
    informative as well as entertaining hehe..
    good blog!rads…

  4. sujay permalink
    January 12, 2008 9:27 AM

    hey . chala baga rasav.. keep it up .. the way u presented it chala bagundhi… but prepration ki nuvvu em rasavo adi nenu cheyale [:P] ..gud blog and . like to end … dream company vachindi .. os waiting for ur party [:D]

  5. anusha permalink
    January 12, 2008 1:28 PM

    really very very gud blog yaar… it did really draged me into those day.. those jobless days…. waiting for ur next blog “life in DELOITTE”……:)

  6. Santhosh permalink
    January 12, 2008 11:26 PM

    hey really nice post….nxt yr..placement promotional videoz lo idi kuda included….n…
    “And now, after nearly 5 months from that day you still feel happy and are really proud to be given a chance to be a part of “DELOITTE”.”..”I still have to wait for another “??” months for the deloittian party” 😛 …newayz…keep up da good work…All the best!!

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