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January 18, 2008

When you are happy, you thank him.

When you are sad, you blame him.

When you are in fear, you remember him.

When you are in grief, you pray to him.

Yes, I’m talking about GOD. I just don’t know if he exists or not and I don’t know whether I believe in god or not. But one thing I believe is that god is nothing but ones’ own consciousness. When we do something wrong, we feel guilty and this feeling makes us fear that we’ll be punished by god. And when we help others we feel good about it and feel that we are blessed.

In spite of all the efforts put in by man some things are not in our hands, it may be luck or something else. But it’s a fact that some things are beyond our control and we believe that those are handled by god. God is nothing but the belief that someone is there beyond, helping us, guiding us in the right path, punishing us for our sins. This belief may be beyond ones’ reasoning capability, but what’s the harm in believing it when it doesn’t hurt anyone.

One thing I don’t understand is why people fight in the name of religion. What any religion teaches is to have faith in god and pray for your sins, but not to fight with others. For me, all religions are one. Each religion may have its own way of praying to god, but all religions teach us good things. Hinduism is about idol worship which teaches us to close our eyes and meditate before the idol and confess our sins. Islamism teaches us discipline, Christianity teaches us the happiness in sacrifice. Each is different in its own way but the underlying motive behind every religion is to love all and help all.

Even if a person is an atheist, during his lifetime at one point or other he/she would believe in god. Being a theist doesn’t mean sitting for hours together and praying for god. It means doing things sincerely and helping others to the extent possible..

After writing this post, I still don’t know if I believe in the existence of god or not. But even after this discussion when I go to a temple I just close my eyes and pray. And I know that god lives in that belief.

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  1. vishnu permalink
    January 18, 2008 10:51 PM

    ha.. so death anav.. mali god anav.. nice thoughts re.. tv9 etv2 baga choostunava..? 😉 but good pts.. okasari cool ga coll gurinchi rastav.. okasari andariki gyana bodhana chesetatu rastav.. but one thing i tell u re.. U WRITE BEAUTIFULLY :)chala nachutondi nee thoughts… i dont know wat more to say.. just waiting wat ur next topic would be.. 😀 and u wait 4 my comments.. 😛 ;)hehe..

  2. sujay permalink
    February 14, 2008 9:51 PM

    i agrre.. GOD is self belief 🙂

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