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Jhoot boloo kyan??

March 2, 2008

Kehte hain “ zindagi mein har mod par do raste hote hai ek sach ka rasta jho bahut katin hotan hain aur doosra jhoot ka jho bahut aasan hota jain. Par anth mein sachaii ka rasta hi safalta lathi hain”. Almost all of us know this and believe this saying. But having said that is it as simple as stating it?

First thing at any point of time to do any task there are not just two paths (as said and shown in films). There are a number of cases where the matter is not just about truth and false but a number of other factors like good, bad (yet again ambiguous terms), what does one gain by doing that, does it hurt others, how important it is and so on….

Second thing, how does one define “jhoot”? When we were kids, whatever we tell which was opposite to the actual facts was considered as a lie. For example: if you ate a chocolate and told your mom you didn’t then it was a lie.

But as time rolls on, our views and ideas keep changing, and so does our “definition” of a lie. Alteration of truth is no longer considered as a lie until and unless it’s harmless or as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. For example: if you call your friend ask him/her to accompany you to shopping. He/she says they can’t and give you a reason for it, which you know is not the truth, then it is not considered as a lie until and unless you are open minded and understand that every person has his/her own views and interests..

The underlying point is that telling a lie should not be considered as a grave mistake. In fact those who are reading this or not reading also do tell a number of lies each day. A lie is good as long as it is told not to hurt others’ feelings. Having said all this about lies my intention is not to provoke others to tell lies to impress others but what I intend is tell a lie only if it’s really needed. Because a lie, though may be told not to hurt others, once discovered it may lead to a number of misunderstandings. So,

“A lie is a better option, but truth is the best”

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  1. stari permalink
    March 3, 2008 6:38 PM

    As such we cant define the truth n lie. the same old definition holds gud. facts modified results in lie.

  2. anusha permalink
    March 3, 2008 8:27 PM

    a man who understands life and is mature enough can define truth and lie wel in his /her own domain.. so 2 understand those complex words(truth n lie) i think 1 need 2 understand his life and the way the life destines him…

  3. vishnu permalink
    March 16, 2008 2:02 PM

    well.. one may lie because of various circumstances.. which we cannot know.. if this doesnt harm anyone its fine.. but telling lies intentionally.. is not gud to the person’s character.. aina we cant force one to be honest.. its his/her life.. each individual shld decide his own path.. after all when LIFE lo ‘F’ ane Fact is removed, everything is a LIE..

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