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Creativity at its worst

March 13, 2008

Off late the television industry has been growing at a rapid rate. And with the number of channels increasing daily, every channel is striving to stay in the rat race. The aim of each channel is to increase its TRPs. For this they will have to come up with new ideas and present them in different ways so as to capture the attention of the audience. But what all channels forget is that they can’t implement every single idea and boast about it as a great creative work. By the time they realize this fact the damage is already done. No single channel is an exception to this behavior.

If one channel starts a new program, all the others will come up with a similar kind of a program in the same time slot. In this haste of inventing a new program, they don’t understand the ‘pulse’ of the audience and in most cases create some meaningless show. They fail to understand that apart from being a big flop, this program creates a negative impression on the channel also.

One such show is “kisko milega cash” aired on star one. Seeing the promos I felt that it was just another ‘reality’ show which distributes cash prizes to its participants after a quiz or after a few games. But I was shell shocked after seeing the show.

The concept of the show is, it will be giving money for free to the contestants just because they need money for some or the other reason. All the participants of the show will be in a sense requesting the organizers to give them money for fulfilling their dreams or needs or necessities..

In one round all the participants will be in a way fighting among themselves and arguing that the others’ reason for want of money is baseless and that theirs’ is a legitimate one. And to add to the fiasco there are judges who will decide or express their views as to whose wants are true or who are more convincing. That’s not all. the audience have to send sms’s as to who they think deserves the money.

I felt that the whole idea of the show was foolish. If anyone were to give money for free I am sure each of us would want it to satisfy one or the other ‘need’. The need here may be a real one or else we may feel it’s a real one. I guess it ll remain a mystery as to how people at the channel liked this concept.

It’s not just the case of this particular channel. I bet there will be atleast one show in each channel which is as foolish as this one. I do understand that everyone has their own way of defining creativity but I don’t think creating something so meaningless is also called as creative. And ya, if anyone from the organizing team of that specific show are by any chance reading this blog, then I just want to say that even I want money so that I can publicize this blog.

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  1. Usha permalink
    March 14, 2008 7:39 AM

    1. This concept is not new. “The small wonder” thesina time nunchi this concept was aroud.
    2. Google doesn’t charge you for the blog, its free.

    bale rasavu.. ur language looks way cooler than your previous blogs… :)… its nice…

  2. Mystery permalink
    March 14, 2008 7:30 PM

    1. finally a comment from you.. thanx for complimenting..

    2. i also know that google doesn’t charge for the blog.. what i meant was if the organizers give me money i’ll use for publicity of my blog 🙂

  3. vishnu permalink
    March 16, 2008 1:53 PM

    hi.. finally commenting.. hehe.. well ya u know these channels na.. huh.. but thanks.. naa serials ni emi analedu.. [:P] well ya etv also.. all progs 4m star r copied.. & edo creative work by tat gr8 prabhakar ani choopistaru.. gud concept re.. [:)]

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