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It all depends on how you perceive things

April 27, 2008

Every person has his/her own view on every other topic under the sun and in most cases the views of no two persons are the same. But if you ask people their view on ‘politics or politicians’, more than 95% of them will be of the same opinion and that being “dirty politics”, “selfish people” and all such similar comments. Even my opinion was with the majority until a few months after which, I had to change not only my view but the way I perceived politics.

A couple of months ago, during a chat with my friends, the politics topic crept in and a heated discussion followed. I was of the opinion that no politician is a noble man. All what each politician does is make promises to people, come to power, earn crores of money and they do no good to the people who elected them. Even if they do any good, they magnify the things they did and not to forget, they never leave an opportunity to criticize the other politicians. And when I expressed these views, this is what one of my friends told me “when you can’t take time out of your routine and join politics to help the needy, how can you comment on others who are at least trying to do something. Even though the politicians are greedy, they at least do some good to the people. Where as what we do is just sit in our comfort zone and comment on them.” At that time I tried to disagree with that view but later on I realized it was the truth which not just me, but everyone doesn’t want to accept.

I do agree that as a citizen, we feel that the person we vote should be truthful, honest and work day-and-night to serve the people, but isn’t it too much to ask??? We want a person to sacrifice his personal life and strive to make the people in his constituency happy just because we gave him our vote, nothing more than that. We want ourselves in our life happily and expect them to make our lives better. I was of the opinion that politicians are selfish people, but after all the thinking I felt that I was the selfish person.

And then after a while, I saw Rang De Basanti, a wonderful movie with a message that to change the system, you need to be a part of it. All these made me change the way I looked at politics. Even if the present politicians add 500 crore to their pockets, they are at least doing service worth 50 crore. With this optimistic approach, I realize that all politicians are not as bad as I used to feel before. All said and done its all about how one perceives things.

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  1. stari permalink
    April 27, 2008 10:12 PM

    as u sd it all depends on how u percieve things… every1 in this society r bound to do their work..doctors, teachers, engineers, youth.. every1. similarly its the duty of politicians to do their work. not to fill their pockets.. if some1 chooses to do something do it with heart not with purpose…

  2. anusha permalink
    April 29, 2008 3:34 PM

    ya i totally agree wid sari.. if ppl choose 2 work for society they shd indeed not just gain for themselves… and i wud also say tat its our part of work 2 do as much as v can for society and just not blame politicians….

    neways nice topic u have choosen 2 write a blog on…

  3. Santhosh permalink
    April 29, 2008 6:50 PM

    hmm…gud 1 radzz….n i think ur perception is on da right path…cozz if u observe anythin arnd u…ull defnly observe…”hey this is done by the government”… always of the opinion that…out of 100 politicians ther are atleast 2 ppl who think they r responsible…India is nt any smaller country at all..but to manage the country, its nt an easy task…a govt. is not only by the politicians but also by the citizens… only if these two clans clap together..therz an effect…i mean u thout evry1 is a self-centred politician..but how many of us follow watever rules the govt. makes?…but still if u observe closely… the govt. supports us and there u can understand how a govt. works…. of cors im also nt agnst the fact that ppl are looting away huge amnts into their pockets but atleast v r living a beautiful life..vch is never possible if evry1 in da govt. is dishonest…n dat honest politician %age can increase only if honest ppl. enter politics n stay responsible..

  4. Mystery permalink
    May 10, 2008 5:39 PM


    thanx dude.. lenghty comment and too good points…
    as you said it needs two hands to build a system and unless and until we change we cant expect the system to change

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