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The Great Indian Political Tamasha

November 30, 2008

Welcome to the ‘Great Indian Political Tamasha’. Not one but every one is trying to play the lead role here. Be it, the so called ‘opposition’ or the so called ‘ruling’ everyone wants to take the advantage by making a mockery out of things.

On 27th when whole of India was praying for the safe rescue of the hostages in the ‘Taj’, ‘Oberoi’ and the ‘Nariman house’, there were news that the politicians have not opted to play the blame game and have stood by the government. The nation was happy for the fact that, for at least once have the politicians behaved in a dignified manner. But now, it seems all of us are wrong. Both the ruling party and the opposition party have just started politicizing the Mumbai terrorist attack.

Here is one M.P, who has kept a banner near Taj, which has the photos of the three top police officers killed by terrorists, and below it his name and his position. What does this mean? Does he want to take the help of sympathy to earn more votes in the next elections? If he really had to empathize with the situation, did he really have to mention his name on the banner?

And there is this chief minister of a state, who is well known all over India for trying to raise communal tension in the country to increase his popularity and gain votes. He is the same person who has not left a single opportunity to smear dirt on the ATS chief Hemant Karkare, and now with the death of Mr. Karkare, this man praises him as a great officer. And even attempts to give Rs. 1crore compensation to Mr. Karkares widow. He would have been hurt when Mrs.Karkare refused to accept anything from this man, but I am sure he might have wiped it off and proceeded with his way of publicity.

And here is another man, who claimed moral responsibility of the Mumbai tragedy and resigned from the Home ministers’ position. Would this move bring back at least one lost life? Or would this erase the memories of this horrific incident?

And following this move from the Union home minister, a number of leaders have raised their voices that this move should have been taken long before. Did the Mumbai tragedy happen just because the home minister failed to fulfill his duty properly?? Did these kinds of incidents happen only under this government? Definitely no. I do agree that an incident of this large magnitude is first of its kind but is it just the fault of the government?

The ruling party by removing some of its leaders from top positions and the opposition leaders by blaming the government, everyone wants to take advantage of the situation. With the Lok Sabha elections round the corner, did they not find any other issue to ask for votes?

Enough is enough, ask for votes in some other manner, make an issue of some other incident. Not this. Learn a lesson from the mistakes. Just try and avoid an incident like the Mumbai terrorist attack in the future.

P.S: Here’s another blog by someone on our politicians and the need for a person like Mr.Obama in our country. The last note is the highlight of the entire post.

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  1. Santhosh permalink
    December 1, 2008 2:33 PM

    oh enti radz frequent posts??…journalist job vachesinda?…. good…. the IT dept. will have a feast! 😛

  2. Mystery permalink
    December 1, 2008 5:35 PM

    i am not leaving my IT job so soon 😛
    and i am sure they will not kick me out of my job in the near future. 😛


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