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January 23, 2009

It has been two months that I wrote in this space. Not that I dint feel like writing during this period, but the fact is that I was lazy enough to scrap my new posts midway and continue with my regular work. I finally decided that I should put in some effort to keep up my good habit of blogging and have started this post. So go ahead and Read on.

As this is my first post in the New Year, I hope that I will post more frequently than before. Now that I have started writing, I wonder what I should be writing and Finally, after a lot of energy wasted on thinking, I have decided I will write on all those topics which have been in my mind since a while.

The Slumdog Phenomenon
– Be it for the golden globe awards or for the 10 Oscar nominations it has won, ‘Slumdog millionaire’ has become the talk of the Nation. This film based on the Novel written by an Indian author Vikas Swarup, portrays the rags to riches journey of a boy, who wins a game show and becomes a millionaire.
– Though everyone around seems to like the movie very much, I personally felt that it was not that great a movie as it is being labeled as. It was just another movie where in the lead actor goes through several hardships and luckily ends up being a millionaire.
-This might be the only instance when an Indian film has made it to 10 Oscar nominations, but we cannot judge a movie just because it has won/nominated for the Oscars (which most people consider to be the highest award to be given to a movie).
– The point here is, a movie will be liked if a person can relate to it. And as far as I know, even though a few Indian films are good enough, the people in the West cannot relate to them and that’s the reason we never won any Oscars. That’s the reason why a film like Lagaan which was realistic enough could not win at the Oscars.
– Not that it would affect me, but I still hope that A.R.Rahman wins the award.

End of FedEx??!!!!
– This is the question, rather a statement made by a number of people in the previous year. I do agree that 2008 has not been good for the tennis maestro. He could not continue his winning streak, neither at the Grand slams nor at the other tournaments. But we should not forget that there are ups and downs in a sportsman’s career.
– A player like Federer who has been not only playing tennis continuously but also winning most of the games, is subjected to wear out. We should not expect him to win each and every match he plays.
– He lost his number one spot not just because he played badly, but also because Nadal has played exceptionally well during this period.
– Let us all wish that Federer regains his winning streak and break more records.

The after effects of Mumbai terrorist attack.
– Almost two months, since the dreadful terrorist attack in Mumbai, and still we can see no solid action being taken. Though the Indian Government seemed stern with its decision to put pressure on Pakistan and demand some action, no proper action plan is visible in the near future.
– Though after a number of denials, Pakistan has finally agreed that Kasab, the lone terrorist survivor, is its citizen, it is still pointlessly denying any links with terrorist related activities being taken in their country.
-With a change of government in the US, there is a hope that, if not any action, future terrorist activities will reduce and we all will live in a less violent world.

The ’Obama’ Effect.
– This man has been the center of attention of the whole world since the past 6-7 months. He’s been in the presidential race with one agenda- change, and the Americans have welcomed it. He is now the first African American president to hold the post.
– His win has been an inspiration to a number of people and is being as described as a new era in the history of America.
– Now that he has won the elections, he has a bundle of things to handle of which the present economic recession will be the topmost priority. The whole world is waiting eagerly to see how he handles things and brings out America from the Recession.

With so much happening around the world, here I am sitting before my laptop and typing this. I will definitely try to write something better and interesting the next time.

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  1. vishnu permalink
    January 24, 2009 8:52 AM

    ha finally.. one more blog.. just placed wats in ur mind..

    well regarding slumdog even i felt that same.. its not tat spl.. dont know wat they found so interesting in it.. 😛

    well.. tennis i have no idea..

    and obama ya.. lets see wats he gonna do..

    nice way of putting things as usual.. ha.. same old comments yaar.. good keep it up.. 😀

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