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A Letter to Mom

April 22, 2009

This post has been in the draft stage from about 2 weeks from now. But when I read this post by IHM, I had the sudden urge to complete this post. So without any delay read on..

Dear Mom,

I never imagined that I would be writing such a letter to you. As they say an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. So today, when I dint have much work in office and was wondering about what to write as a next post in my blog, I thought about you. The love, care and affection you show to us (brother and me). I know that you will never read this but I couldn’t stop myself from my writing about what I feel for you.

In my childhood and adolescent days, I always used to respect working women, as I thought that they are doing a great job by balancing their family and work. I never looked down upon the homemakers but yes, I had a little more respect for the working women. But, as I grew up, my perception changed and it changed for the better because of you. I realized that you as a homemaker did so much for our family without complaining. I know you feel it as your responsibility but you dint have to do it in such a wonderful manner.

Even though you aren’t much educated and don’t know how to speak in English, You taught me and brother the A B C’s and X Y Z’s of Telugu, Hindi and English. I still remember how you used to sit beside us until our high-school days and make us study. You made it a point to come to all Parent-Teacher meetings. I marveled at the way how you and our English teacher could communicate so effectively in spite of the fact that she was speaking only in English and you only in Telugu.

Sometimes, you dint allow me to go out with my friends and I hated it when you said no to me. But now, when I look back I am glad that you said no whenever you said so. You always knew when to draw a line and say no, and when to allow me to take my own decisions. How can you manage it so well?

You didn’t know the terms individuality and personal space. But still you gave brother and me that space when we needed it. You realize what we want even before we say something. When we come back home tired/ after a fight with a friend you never asked questions, you gave us the time so that we could come to you to tell the problem and give us suggestions when we need them.

You don’t know what a blog is, but you know that I have one and write something through it. You also know that I like reading them. You listen so attentively all the stuff I speak regarding it. Most of it may sound non-sense to you but you LISTEN. You always answered us, in whatever way we called you: Amma, Maa, Mom, Mummy, Matha(this was when we learned Sanskrit).

In this country where there a number of families, who force their daughter’s to learn cooking and house-hold stuff as they are suppose to manage home, you never ever forced me to do/learn all those activities. You taught me how to cook only when I showed a genuine interest and wanted to learn. Those days when the maid did not come and the very few times I offered to clean the dishes, you dint let me do it saying my hands will become rough by doing so. Such sweet you are!

When I get married, I wonder whether I can be as good a wife/mother as you are. You make me think that it’s a very responsible position. But then, I always have you to look upon and take help from.

Thanks mom for making me what I am today. I think there are really very few incidents where I made you proud of being my mother. But, I feel proud saying that I am always proud of having such a wonderful mother. I never said this to you to mom but I am saying it now. Thanks mom for being such a wonderful woman you are and a great mom.

I do not say all these things to you. I do not show my love to you as openly as brother does, but l love you and respect you a lot for the way you are and the for the way you have made us what we are today. I know that almost all daughters/sons feel that their mother/father is the best; I will not say the same. You are not the best you are the best amongst the best.

I believe that a picture can convey the same meaning instead of words. I googled for few pics but i did not find any picture which could express the feelings i feel for you. And I being bad at painting couldn’t draw one either. Here are a few pics which were close.


One more Picture:

mother1And the last one:mother2(Pics Courtesy: Google)

I Love you mom.

Your daughter,


*P.S: My dad is as good as my mom , but then this post was for my mother. Sorry dad, a post on you some time later.

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  1. April 22, 2009 10:15 PM

    Straight from your heart, loved reading this. Your mom’s lucky to have such a loving daughter.
    Mystery, please, please read this out to your mom, translate it line by line.
    She will want a copy to go over many, many times.

    Hey IHM,
    No my mom is not lucky, I am the lucky one 🙂 I will definitely read this out to my mom.
    The post of yours which i mentioned here, was really very good. It gave me an insight to what mothers think and feel for their children and how they remember every small detail related to them.

  2. rag permalink
    April 23, 2009 12:54 AM

    Translate this in telugu and show and gift this to her..:)
    nice one

    Sure mayur. will definitely do it 🙂

  3. vishnu permalink
    April 23, 2009 7:27 AM

    wonderful post dear!!!
    i just loved it.. splly tat point.. ‘you know when to draw lines’

    u r rite.. even i always feel can we be like our mom wid our children..

    after reading this every one would feel to say.. I LOVE YOU AMMA.. 🙂

    P.S the 3rd pic is too good.. 🙂

    ya vishnu. that line was really true and i knew that you wouldn’t be agreeing more to it 😉
    ‘even i always feel can we be like our mom wid our children.’such are the standards they set for us!! i wonder how we would keep up with them

  4. April 23, 2009 8:46 AM

    Wonderful post.Make ur mom read this.
    Even if we don’t express our love to them,they knew how much we love them:)

    “You are not the best you are the best amongst the best”” loved this.
    I am touched by ur love towards ur mom.
    hugs to ur amma:)

    Hey Varunavi, ya rightly said “even if we don’t express our love to them, they know how much we love them”
    thanks for the hugs and keep visiting.

  5. Santhosh permalink
    April 23, 2009 9:35 AM

    Noice!! and Super!!

    Hey santhosh. Thanks man 🙂

  6. April 23, 2009 9:59 AM

    Oh! this is so touching and wonderful. Straight from your heart the word flowing with pauses to wipe those tears. I can visualize it.

    People say times have changed and kids have become selfish. From what I have read here and couple of other places in this span on an hour, I will say the times have changed for good. The children are expressing it. Something which many couldn’t do before.

    BTW I always thought you didn’t have a blog when I saw your comments on my blog. I don’t know how I missed your posts. Blogrolled you and welcome to WordPress.

    Hey Solilo,
    I loved this line of yours “I will say the times have changed for good. The children are expressing it. Something which many couldn’t do before.”
    Initially, i dint give my blog link while commenting. Now after shifting to wordpress, i have started giving the link..
    Now that you know that i blog keep visiting 🙂

  7. saritha permalink
    April 23, 2009 1:41 PM

    so wat did ur mom say?

    Didn’t show it yet. Will definitely show it.. may be in the weekend 😀

  8. Rama Rao permalink
    April 23, 2009 5:40 PM

    Great post Mystery.
    Even though you said that I express my love more often, I don’t think I expressed it in such a beautiful manner.

    Our Mom has been magnificent and has always been there for us.

    Btw who do u think mom likes more?
    You or me 🙂

    Awwwwww 🙂
    you commented on my blog!!!
    now this must be too too good. I know it’s good but still those words coming from you mean a lot 🙂

    “who do u think mom likes more?” 😛
    You know the answer and so do I 😛 😛

  9. April 23, 2009 8:27 PM

    mommies are the best-est!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lovely letter!!!!!!

    Thanks OG..

  10. sravanthi permalink
    April 27, 2009 10:45 AM

    ..after I read the post..I can say one thing…let your mom read this or let someone explain the ceautiful meaning it has to her..and then take a snap and keep it with you..I am sure it will be turn to be the best pic ..yaar,u are a wonderful daughter..and I am sure your mom would have felt proud of being your mother lots of times…too good a ur rightly said, you found the right words know what when I was reading the post..I swore to myself that I wouldn’ right anything funny in it..but here I go…now that you started righting such beautiful posts, why don’t u right a book ‘100 mistakes of my life’ and dedicate it to me…I am sure u made atleast a 100…hehehe

    Hey sravanthi,
    I read it out to her and explained the meaning of what i wrote. She liked it too 🙂 dint take a pic though
    coming to the topic of writing a book and dedicating it to you 😛 will think about it 😉

  11. April 29, 2009 10:35 PM

    That is one hell of a post 🙂

    Am sure when u read it to her she must have been so so proud of you 🙂

    I guess we all shud express ourselves more often than we do 🙂

    Ya.. the more we express it the more stronger the bond grows

  12. April 30, 2009 5:58 PM

    This is a very good post from a daughter’s point of view, Mystery. We Indians rarely show our affection openly. Once the children grow up, we stop hugging them or them hugging us, mothers. Start showing now. She knows it, anyway!!

    First time here. Good to know you.

    Hi Sandhya,
    Keep visiting 🙂

  13. May 1, 2009 11:29 AM

    you know mystery why blogging is so wonderful ??

    coz there are so many emotions inside us which we never let out in real life.. We love our mom and respect them but we cant tell them… thanks to the blog they come out…

    and eventually we end up telling them… I think the blogs make me realise and feel a lot more things than earlier…

    Coming to this post.. its simple and loving… a mother is the most precious gift we all have.. and we can never thank them enough !!!

    convey my warm regards to your Mom !!!

    Totally agree with you dhiren.
    when we start writing, the emotions and there by the bond both get stronger and stronger..

    • May 10, 2010 4:41 PM

      So true 🙂
      I never thot I cud tell so much to my Mom 🙂

  14. Rajesh permalink
    May 3, 2009 2:15 AM

    I hope By this time some one have conveyed What you had written in this post if not i will be the one who will be explaining to my chweet aunt

    She had a great impact on my life ,she gave me the strength and confidence in my worst times which had boosted up my confidence

    I think You express Your Love in a silent way but ur brother expresses openly,but she can feel both your love

    Hi Rajesh,
    Yes. i have told my mom what i have written here and she loved it 🙂 she has always been sweet and understands everyone around her

  15. May 8, 2009 2:04 AM

    That was beautiful! Don’t know how I missed it.. You know what, I used to really take my mom for granted when I was growing up.. Now I can’t do without talking to her everyday.. And reading this made me miss her even more.. That was lovely.. You and your mother are incredibly lucky!!!

    Hi Smitha,
    thats what happens.. all of us take our parents for granted and go on with our lives. It’s only at a later stage that we realize how wonderful they are and take care of us all the time..

  16. May 10, 2010 4:43 PM

    This is so beautiful Mystery …its awesome that we both hv written it like a letter to our Moms no … what a coincidence!
    Me 🙂
    And all that matters is what they do for us no and as u say, in such a wonderful manner … they might me @ home, working or anything else .. but they do things for us unconditionally 🙂
    True Swaram.. they give us unconditional love and get us ready for the world out there..
    Loads of best wishes to all of u @ home 🙂
    Thanks Swaram


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