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Telangana- A New state is a solution?

December 14, 2009

Protests, bandhs, 144section, fasts, heated discussions among friends, relatives, in the office among colleagues, combined with a bundle of uncertainty -that, in short is how it has been around me for the past one month. I always had this feeling that the regional news or rather news from AP seldom appear in the national news but now when I flip the channels, it pains to have A.P. and its politics taking the center stage in the national media and that too for all the wrong reasons.

All of it started with a fast-unto-death by K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) demanding separate Telangana state and he ending the fast after 11 days following the announcement of Union Home Minister’s announcement that the process for formation of a new state would be initiated.  Though I have nothing personal against him, I dislike him to the core for raising tension among people and dividing them for his greed of position.  Resorting to emotional blackmail and playing with the emotions of people is an inexcusable crime and he has been achieving a mastery in both.

Had he been so much interested in the welfare and development of the people of Telangana, why wouldn’t he develop his parliament division and show it as an example for the other parts of Telangana? I bet it would have been a strong point on his side had he developed his division with the funds allotted and said that ‘This is what development is, and how the region can prosper with proper governance and it is for this reason that I demand a separate state which will ensure the development of the entire region’.  Had he done that may be I would have supported him but that did not happen and I am sure will never happen. And by this it is clear that it is he who is primarily discriminating against the people of Telangana.

Having said that, I do not deny the fact that the Telangana Region is under-developed when compared to the other parts of the state. Having lived under the rule of Nizams for a long time, and having been ruled by people (post-independence) who think of nothing except them it is for sure under-developed. But does having a separate state solve the problems?  Everyone who is acting like the champion-of-telangana-people is interested in the CM post the new state would create rather than the welfare of the people.  Why haven’t the leaders who are now demanding a separate state developed it in their limits? Both the M.L.As and the M.P.s are given funds to develop their constituencies and if these people are not able to develop the region with the resources they have now, how can we expect them to develop it if a new state is formed?

One more thing that puzzles me is the reason why the MLAs from the other part of the state have resigned after the announcement by Chidambaram. True that not many are happy with the idea of a separate state but isn’t there any another way to show their displeasure than submitting resignations? What about the non-co-operation and other methods we employed for getting our independence? Election in India is a costly affair and takes in a large amount of the tax-payers money, but still our politicians are hell bent on wasting our money and go about submitting their resignations as they please.

I do believe in de-centralization of power which will help in better development of the country but that need not mean breaking the country into more number of states. De-centralization need not mean more number of states; we already have a government at centre, state and the local municipal level. If true development were to be achieved, isn’t this system good enough?  After the Nizam rule, 9 districts of Telangana have been merged with the then madras presidency. After a while, the state of A.P. has been formed on a linguistic basis and had I been living in that period I am not sure if I would have liked that either. Why can’t we forget what has happened in the past and strive to make a better future rather than digging up the past and making a mess of it in the present?

Assuming a new state forms, going by the news ( The demand for a separate states of Harith Pradesh, Gorkhaland and few other states have hit the headlines after the Telangana issue) I am sure other regions are also fighting for separate states and if we were to break INDIA into further states how do we aim to achieve a stable government at the centre? With 28 states now, in most of the elections, we have a coalition government and if more and states are formed, all we can expect is that the central government formed by a coalition of number of regional parties and there by having lesser and lesser stability.

I fail to find a difference between M.N.S, which says that Marathis should be ruling, living and enjoying the resources of Maharashtra and the leaders demanding a separate Telangana state on a similar logic except for citing development as a cause. I might not have neither the age nor the experience to analyze the issue but if it so clear for someone like me to understand that all this hue and cry has been created only to satisfy the greed of the politicians; I wonder why many others do not.

All said, I don’t mind being in a new state of Telangana but I wish to be ruled by a person who has some brains and though he/she eats away public money, I wish that the person would be using at least half of the money for the welfare of the people(Level of Optimism 🙂 ). Though I was no fan of the Late Chief Minister Y.S.Raja Shekhar Reddy, I feel that all this wouldn’t have happened if he were alive. Had he been there, he would have handled things by hook or crook and avoided this mess which the state is presently in.

P.S: This post is just my personal opinion on the things happening around my state and I don’t mean to hurt others feelings whatsoever. All I want to say is that Development and not a separate state is the solution to all the problems.

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  1. Harish permalink
    December 14, 2009 4:46 PM

    well written.
    Welcome here Harish. thanks for leaving a comment

  2. December 14, 2009 5:08 PM

    You are absolutely right in your post…as I was wondering the same that if newly created government would do anything for under developed region or just put more burden on country’s budget and taxpayers with more money spent on elections, parliament buildings/MLA hideaways, etc.

    @awakeindian..true that a new state if formed, would take in a lot of money to establish the govt and infrastructure and development what they promise wouldnot be a reality in the near future..

  3. December 14, 2009 8:29 PM

    I felt the same too. Had YSR been there, this wouldnt be the situation. Breaking a existing state into several states is never a solution. and this definitely is a bad influence for the rest. There was a news where someone demanded to split TN into two; with chennai and madurai as capitals. If there is no development in a particular region, thats only because the concerned MLA or minister has failed to do their duty. Our country is going through a sick phase. We have enemies all around us and the worst part is that we have enemies within.

    Nicely put vimmuuu.. we have enemies within too who are trying to break the country and making it easy for others.. and yes this one statement of Home minister has driven more people to follow the path and every states wants a new state formed out of itself..

  4. December 14, 2009 9:47 PM

    Decentralization in an ideal world would be the best solution but I think in this case the intentions of KCR and others who are for separation are all wrong. He is NOT a statesman, merely a politician who wants power for himself and one way is to rile up these emotions and get a new state and be the CM or bargain with the center to get some fat cat position and give up the telangana issue. Well, looks like Telangana found its CM in KCR!

    Yes all KCR is interested in is power and least bothered about..i feel sad seeing how easily ppl get influenced by such people and end up spoiling their careers for someone who doesnt even care about them..

  5. December 14, 2009 9:50 PM

    I agree, Mystery. ‘why wouldn’t he develop his parliament division and show it as an example for the other parts of Telangana?’ – exactly! If only they could demonstrate what they plan to achieve and then ask for a separate state on the basis of that achievement. Instead, it is just all big words. You know, every issue of this sort has lack of development as the basis of discontentment. And politicians, instead of trying to get rid of the root cause – try to make an issue of it, so that they can gain political mileage and the chance to be in power. While smaller states would be much better – if we had an administration and political class which really meant business. In our case, I am afraid, it is just another means to power – for the politicians and business as usual for the common man.

    the last line of yours says it all state or not its going to be life as usual for everyone except for the politicians and probably for us a little more of taxes..

  6. Swaram permalink
    December 14, 2009 11:39 PM

    Oh I agree with each and every point Mystery! We r suffering so much bcoz of all these things 😦

    ‘I bet it would have been a strong point on his side had he developed his division with the funds allotted and said that ‘This is what development is, and how the region can prosper with proper governance and it is for this reason that I demand a separate state which will ensure the development of the entire region’.’ – Strong point Mystery … KCR shud read this and answer!!!!!
    he will have no time, He would be busy giving interviews and dreaming about the money he would earn in the near future.
    I don’t mind being in a new state of Telangana but I wish to be ruled by a person who has some brains
    Exactly! All we want is that the claims r honest and they do want to work for the betterment of the society! Which is a distant dream I know 😦
    Hope the dream comes to a reality some day 🙂

  7. December 14, 2009 11:51 PM

    Well written. Especially, I agree with the statement about accepting the fact that politicians are here to make money; but we will be thankful if they atleast spend half the money on development. Thats really what I tell myself when I think who should I vote for during the elections. Vote for the one, who will atleast spend some money for development work. basically, lesser of the crooks.
    In these times, we are left with no other option but to choose the least corrupt
    Coming to Telangana. This Telanagana episode has set such a bad precedent that many other demands are going to be newly created or existing ones renewed. A few examples already – Gorkhaland, Coorg, Bundelkhand, Purvanchal, Saurashtra and many more. All you need to do is have one of the leaders go on a fast unto death, as simple as that. And Success guaranteed; if the leader’s party has provided support to the ruling Government.

    Hate to see my country broken into pieces 😦
    Only if we had good leader, this situation would have never arised.

    You may want to read another similar post –

    – Ajay
    Have read the post Ajay

  8. December 15, 2009 12:36 PM

    Very well written mystery..totally agree to you if Mr Reddy had been here..this wouldnt happen..
    if govt agree with this ..tomm some other state will come up with this.and soon we will have 50 states in india..which is not good from development point of view…
    Yes Rashmi, hope they take back their word in this issue and stop further demands..

  9. December 15, 2009 4:36 PM

    I totally agree with you!!! Breaking the states is never a solution & it is like opening a pandora’s box! Even Mayawati wants to break UP now!!! Sadly our politicians put themselves first before everything!
    😦 Yes Smita i heard about Mayawatis ‘demands’ incident lead to multiple requests in such a short span

  10. December 15, 2009 5:13 PM

    I too totally agree with what you wrote.

    Aree one man has taken entire state into ransom,he fasted for 10 days and on 11th day he looks healthy,he doesn’t look like he fasted for so many days.It is just eye wash.I don’t like KCR at all.He is just doing all these for his selfish ends.He was born in andhra and is fighting for separate telangana.
    I wanted to write about it Saritha but dint want to get personal.. just the 2nd day after ending fast, he appeared on national TV all fit and fine..and how can we call it a fast if he were surviving on fluids through syline

    Classic example of smaller state developement is jharkand where the ex-cm koda minted money and same KCR wants to do.Shame on such people who wanted to divide the state and change the map of india.
    Koda would be a nice example to support our points..

  11. December 16, 2009 12:58 AM

    Wonderfully said Mystery… 🙂 I Have been waiting for the post on this issue somebody belong to hyderabad to get a clear vision… Thank you…
    Actually i support smaller states… But i totally forgot about the MPs and MLAs as they never seem to be 😆 as you Have said if TRS is that concerned about the development of telangana they must Have shown some development with the no. of MPs they Have got during 2004 lok sabha elections which they didnt done…
    And the question that still lingers in my mind is how students fell into his dirty politics 😦
    Even i fail to understand it Kanagu. when it is so clear that all the fuss is for political gain i wonder why they dont get the point. its also likely that they get carried away by the ‘reservations’ which the politicians are promising for the people of that region.

    And the mother of all the comedy is the resignation of MLA and MPs of other regions… Actually they are not fools to resign their posts and lose their substancial amount of income and properties… If election comes soon they will show up themselves as fighters 😆
    The resignations are hilarious. One wrong move from them might lead to a crisis here..we dont even know if the govt is still in place or not

  12. December 16, 2009 3:21 PM

    I agree with what you have said Mystery!
    What we need is better development and improvement of jobs and infrastructure in these regions…
    Not really sure how the split in state will help
    I also have the same feeling Pixie

  13. sravan permalink
    December 16, 2009 3:25 PM

    Well the roots of mystery is here.
    KCR just caught the opportunity to capitalize on the anguish and frustations of telangana people when it reached its peak in the recent years by Supreme Court’s decision on making Hyderabad a free zone. already there was enough resentment among telangana people regarding poor implementation of GO 610 while fastidiously implementing similar GO for Rayalaseema.
    Telangana issue is not a new one and it has always been there, dormant for some time but bursting out time to time. Just because there was a gap doesn’t mean that it is new.

    Hi Sravan,
    I have nowhere said that the issue is a new one. I have been born and brought up here in Hyderabad and have been aware that the separate state demand has arised a long time ago.

    If telangana was suppressed under Nizam’s rule, then so it is now. It did not get the opportunity to establish as a self-administrative entity. The rights and needs of its people have been neglected for decades and you still comfortably say that past deeds can be ignored. Well forming a state telangana would not be one of the smaller state, instead it would be larger than 2/3 of all the indian states both in pop and area.

    I think you got me wrong, I have nowhere said that the past deeds can be ignored neither did i say that the region is flourishing now. In my post, i have clearly mentioned that the region has been under-developed both by the nizams and the rulers( and by it i meant the MLAs and MPs and other elected persons from the region) have neglected the welfare and were only bothered about increasing their wealth. I also disagree with your point about establising a self-administrative entity. In my view all the regions in a particular state are the same and there is no need for each of them to establish it own administrative entity for the reason of under-development

    You just concluded by saying that all the illfate telangana is carrying is because of NIzam’s rule which ended some half a cenrtury ago. Can you give me a guarentee that the leaders of telangana are worse than that of their andhra counterparts. Both are equally selfish and deviuos in their means. Telangana was moving towards a progressive society before hijacked by Andhra businessmen who still continue to exploit it’s people. Do you know that telangana was at the forefront of S.India during BHOODAN movement in 1950’s under Acharya vinobha Bhave? Or do you just conveniently want to forget that as past?

    As said earlier, i think that you got me wrong when u say that i am blaming nizams for the under-development. its not just them but the elected representatives who have done more harm than good to the people of this region. I have expressed my view on the separate state issue and i have not said that the Andhra/Rayalseema leaders are better than their counterparts in the telangana region. When every one in the state is equal, i find no reason why one person should stop investing/dis investing in another part of the state and why we should point fingers if anyone does that. At the end we should not forget that we are all part of one country and everyone has the right to move/work/do business at any part of the country and the same applies to different regions in a state. All i want to say is that ppl should stop breaking the state into parts citing development as a reason and instead concentrate on real development.

    Who is holding those lands given by telangana landlords during that time? Please find the facts and you will clearly undertand the anguish of the people here. Well I am not a politician here and I no longer live in India now but all the years I grew up in telangana I realised this and not because of some leaders brainwashing.
    I am so sad that our andhra brothers and sisters really feel that telangana people are ignorant and deserve what they are facing now.

    I do understand your point that the region is under-developed and hence you want a separate state to undo it and my point is that giving a separate state is not the solution to the problem. I do not think that people here are ignorant neither do i think that they deserve what they are facing now. all i ask for is a better system in place rather than breaking the state.

  14. sravan permalink
    December 16, 2009 3:51 PM

    And comments in favor of YSR I think need some scruitiny. Well most of them here may consider his actions as smart but the bitter reality is he has been the most opportunistic politician recently. He first gained the support of telangana people in 2003 to gain votes by simply aligning with TRS(fighting for separate state) and then again chanting telangana separatism before 2009 elections in telangana. Sadly but not surprisingly he suddenly changed his stance by instigating fear among andhra settlers and gaining andhra votes by simply saying that andhra people would be alienated and kicked off from hyderabad if separate state forms. He said these words after elections in telangana and before the elections in andhra regions. He proved it once again that under a unified state telangana people will be betrayed for ever and ever. So who do you think is the person who actually instigated this movement?
    Time to time all the parties who have fair representation in andhra politics have been giving false promises to telangana and shamelessly dropping them in trash when real action was required.
    It’s andhra people who have been ignoring the facts for decades just being confortable with the fruits they are bearing by having telangana deceptively and forcefullly merged to their region. I feel even they are betrayed with false notions created by their politicians.

    As said in the post, Personally i do not like him. He has amassed so much wealth during his tenure as the CM that no one was able to do earlier. He is opportunistic(for that matter 99% of the politicians including KCR, Rajagopal are oppurtunistic) and he was the same person who teamed up with TRS in 2004 and ditched the party in 2009. I am even aware of his words after the 1st phase of 2009 elections saying that ppl of one region will be kicked out if a new state is formed. that is obviously a tactic he cleverly played to gain the voted. I am neither a supported of him nor appreciate any of his ways.
    I do not like the generalizations saying Telangana/Andhra/Rayalaseema people. And i dont understand why ppl say that its forcefully merged.. Something happened many years ago and a state was formed..the same happened in many parts of the country and it is how the country formed. there is no point in discussing about it now. Coming back to present, there is no point in thinking we are forcefully merged as i strongly feel many do not support the concept of breaking the state citing these causes

  15. sravan permalink
    December 16, 2009 4:10 PM

    Well I just recognized two mistakes in what you have presented here. First Hyderabad was not merged with madras presidency. Second it is not that after the merger AP state was carved out from madras.
    The fact is first hyderabad state formed in 1949 with Burgula ramakrishna Rao as CM with Nizam as raj pramukh after a violent struggle considered to be one of the largest agrarian rebellion in independent india.
    In 1953 andhra state was formed by separating it out from Madras presidency after Potti Sri Ramulu’s 58 days fast and death. As being propagated he did not do the fasting for a separate state(which was already tentatively agreed by the central govt.) but for the city of Madras.(Incidentally the same situation is prevailing now regarding telangana and hyderabad)
    Later in 1956 Andhra state was merged with telugu speaking areas of hyderabad state by Gentleman’s Agreement(now telangana)against the first SRC report recommendations and definitely not considering the wishes of telangana people.
    The gentleman’s agreement strictly says that, only telangana peoples wishes should be considered whenever in future if they want to separate.

    Thanks for pointing out. My mistake. I am weak at history:|

    Come to think of it, Just because it was merged at one point of time, should we expect it to break again?

  16. sravan permalink
    December 17, 2009 11:44 PM

    I thank you so much for your reply. I think I need to clarify that may be some points you denied are not explicitly phrased in your statement but they are implicitly obvious.

    I have nowhere said that the issue is a new one

    But you said, “All of it started with a fast-unto-death by K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) demanding separate Telangana state and he ending the fast after 11 days following the announcement of Union Home Minister’s announcement that the process for formation of a new state would be initiated.”

    As I already mentioned its not that he started the fast but before that the frustrations in telangana people against the Supreme Court’s decision and the poor implementation of GO 610 compared to the similar kind of GO for Rayalseema have been rising and even KCR consulted every political party which has fair representation in National politics before he started the fast. We have been all watching it and even telangana people were. Once he started to fast with in no time the expressions of people became widespread in media.
    No event starts off suddenly but there is always a long period of silent observations about the situation and understanding. For example you cannot say that all that started WW-I was the assasination of austrian duke by some unknown Serb. Before that there has been longstanding hostilities that prevailed between the nation states and regions of Europe for several decades. The incident only brought out these hostilities into open War. That’s what happened when KCR started fasting and not that all things started from his fast.
    Even most people were feeling betrayed by the game played by YSR and congress party during the elections. Well I don’t say it was a clever tactic on his part rather he was just digging on wounds and I think he even knew that one or the other time he had to concede to telangana people’s demand. Or else he would have tried to console the telangana people for past neglects and would have tried hard to get the GO 610 implemented.
    What I can only say is that such conclusions are made only when you can safely ignore past because you think the issue is not that serious unless there is a political misleading. But the issue is damn serious and never left minds of telangana people who are generally known to be rebellious

    Sravan, By saying ‘all of it started..’ i meant the tense situation in the state from about a month which i mentioned in the 1st paragraph..
    ‘Clever tactic’ was meant in the elections point of view. He made the statements immediately after the elections in Telangana region were over and the next phase was yet to start.

  17. sravan permalink
    December 18, 2009 1:23 PM

    Sravan, By saying ‘all of it started..’ i meant the tense situation in the state from about a month which i mentioned in the 1st paragraph..
    ‘Clever tactic’ was meant in the elections point of view. He made the statements immediately after the elections in Telangana region were over and the next phase was yet to start.

    Dear Mystery,
    Well you may say that now, but you were not concerned about the tensions right!
    Or else most of the part you wrote later would not have discussed on other issues which focus on the things that happened before the incident began.

    Whatever, if I agree with you on that,
    It is still rational on my part to explain to you several things which you might have missed before forming your opinion.
    Also, clever may be correct here but I did not want to glorify a politicians wily acts by saying that. Please feel responsible.
    Here I would like to explain to you that my intention was not to argue, target or attack your words and inference. I only tried on good terms to bring into light several facts that you need to examine carefully and not just you but also others who commented if at all they continue to follow your blog.
    I sincerely wish that you reconsider your opinion based on other facts and hope you come up with a more comprehensive idea. If you are really interested I suggest you to visit this wonderful blog which discussed the issue of telangana and telangana history(likewise andhra history) on broader terms(since atleast 3 years), among several other similar and non-similar issues.
    This was my very sincere effort to let you know more facts and try to persuade you to reconsider your opinion.
    Please do not feel any indignity if at all you like change your opinion.
    In this regard I would like to quote one of my own phrase
    ” Its the greatest boon to mankind that man can change his opinion. For, he cannot change his brain and least, can change the facts or truth.”
    Thank you


    Sravan, I was very much aware of the demands of the Separate telangana from about 10 years, if i was not aware earlier. i was concerned about the tensions from a month because it had turned violent. Disrupting day-to-day activities, destroying public property, attacking malls and government offices is in my view never a correct manner and since a month all these have been happening around in the state(I say state here because, though initially it was only in one region, these kind of things are happening all over the state after the announcement from Home Minister), and that is why I was concerned. And though you support the separate state demand, i am sure you would also not approve of this violence.

    As i said earlier, I am not trying to Support YSR’s actions. All i meant to say is he was using his tactics to win elections and everyone was/is aware of those devious means.

    As said in my post, i am not denying the fact that the region has been under-developed. All i want to say is that having a separate state is not a solution. For me the demand of a separate state sounds like an existing state demanding to be a separate country in order to develop. Though the scenarios and implications are different, I feel its kind of the same. I do not mean to say that to raise the such demand is foolish, but all i intend to say is that we can develop this region if the leaders are really committed to the cause.

    I can not support your cause neither can you support mine. I guess its better we agree to disagree rather than trying to convince each other.

  18. December 25, 2009 1:52 AM

    Not able to read the whole post yet Mystery:) but wanted to wish you first 🙂
    Merry Christmas And Happy New Year:)
    enjoy and god bless 🙂
    Indyeah is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Merry christmas and a very very happy new year to You Indyeah..

  19. Dew permalink
    December 30, 2009 9:19 PM

    thanks for sharing the flip side..its surely informative! I really feel bad fr common man whoz life is thrown out of gear amidst all dis political fiasco!

    Hey Dew, Welcome here.
    Sadly Its always the common man who is affected by the politics!

  20. January 2, 2010 8:15 PM

    all i intend to say is that we can develop this region if the leaders are really committed to the cause.

    Which is arithmetically impossible. Telangana has 119 out of 294 MLAs. A brief arithmetic operation reveals that Telangana will NEVER be in majority to help itself in the current state.

    Democracy in AP: Two wolves and a sheep (Telangana) voting on “Whats for dinner?”.

    Separation is not Secession. States are administrative divisions. Many can be created.

    There is significant evidence on the benefits and accelerated development of smaller states:

    Ranking of states on human and social development indicators: Kerala, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Uttaranchal are the largest states. All these are smaller than Telangana, except Gujarat.

    “At the Diamond States Awards, basic tenets prevail. Small is beautiful, inclusive growth will take you to the top.”

    “Small states show how large investments and focus on key issues can improve outcomes.”

    — The Standard Bearers:

    Smaller states are “conceptually better governed,” says George Mathew, director, Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) in the national capital. The institute regularly undertakes field studies and, Mathew says, Andhra Pradesh “was not progressing as expected” in the field of governance. In that context, he says, Telangana is a good step. —

    Small states are more sound fiscally: “Larger states like Karnataka, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Punjab have not made much headway, smaller ones like Chattisgarh, Sikkim, Kerala and Goa have shown continuous improvement.” – BS

    “Small is beautiful” was the message from the first India Today ranking of states. In some form or the other, the message comes out of every year’s study quite compellingly. One obvious reason is that the study lays equal emphasis on spread and level of development. And by measuring performance on most factors in per capita terms, the adequacy of a public service is assumed to be as important as its availability. –

    “Continuing his arguments for better leadership to govern India, Mohan Guruswamy now turns his attention to the size and composition of the States in India and comes to the conclusion that in the matter of good and manageable states “small is beautiful”. In his opinion our states and state governments are too large and unwieldy to be governed properly.” – Making India Governable – Mohan Guruswamy, chairman of Centre for Policy Alternatives, a public policy think tank working on policy issues in India.

    Across India’s 28 states and its UTs, work co-authored with Laveesh Bhandari shows smaller states perform better than larger states — on an average. Small states perform better than large states on physical infrastructure, social infrastructure, law and order and anti-poverty programmes. —

    Hi Idler,
    Considering the arithmatic you gave, no single region in the state would ever develop if u consider the %seats it has in the state. In my Opinion, Small/Big, if the administrative system is good enough every state can prosper. It is up to the people to elect the representatives and the representatives to work for the people. And Just by creating a new state one can never ensure that it would develop. A proper vision and collective effort by the intellectuals and the Politicians can pave the way to development of all the regions rather than dividing every region into a separate state.

    • January 30, 2010 12:29 AM

      Considering the arithmatic you gave, no single region in the state would ever develop if u consider the %seats it has in the state. In my Opinion, Small/Big, if the administrative system is good enough every state can prosper
      The arithmetic will work if three sheep or three wolves or even two sheep and a goat vote for what’s for the dinner.
      And it is democracy too. As long as a situation of two wolves and one sheep arise it is better to keep sheep and wolves separate.
      Understand, it is not a deliberate aggression that is being alleged on Andhra and Rayalaseema. It is merely a situation utilized accordingly when and where the opportunities and bureaucratic lapses override the rights and share of less privileged regions.
      It is not a mechanism that is cleverly invented by one or the other party but it is a simple loophole in the system with out which probably the system doesn’t work at all.
      So maintaining a status quo is not ethical as it supports a lopsided system where one party always loses to other party. It is better to abandon the system and separate the parties to make them efficient to work for themselves individually.
      By that I mean forming a separate state is not only the need of the time but it is also ethically and (ironically) politically right measure.

      And Just by creating a new state one can never ensure that it would develop.
      Neither would the status quo ensure that and more over this is evident from the past 50 years unlike the opposite view which is purely a hypothetical forethought.


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