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A Writeup

March 3, 2010

From a long time I wanted to write. For a while, work kept me busy, which was followed by certain personal commitments. And then i lost interest in writing and after getting done with all these, I wondered what to write. Not that i did not have anything in mind. Time and again a new idea used to pop-up in my head. Some ideas died the next day, some made it to a notepad and the remaining few remain as drafts in WordPress. At last, I realized that something is better than nothing and started with this which is neither a post nor an explanation.

All i want to do is write something,
For i write for none but for myself.

Be it a ramble or be it an opinion,
Be it my poetry or be it monologues,
All i want to do is write something.

For me, writing is neither a hobby nor a habit,
Neither is it a passion.
It’s something which i enjoy doing
And would always want to continue doing.

This blog out here,
might be just another site in this big virtual world.
But for me it’s something close to my heart.
It’s my world and my take on it!!

— Signing off Mystery


A Post to Begin the New Year

January 6, 2010


I wanted to write something about life

All I could think was that it is like a knife.

A knife is a tool which is very useful

But while using, one ought to be careful;

Similarly, Life is something which makes us wonder

And when struck by something one has to pause and ponder!

After multiple use, a knife wears down

It has to go through the chisel to strengthen itself.

Life is also a roller coaster ride,

It’s the hardships that make us stronger and make us raise our heads in pride.

A knife can do anything from cutting vegetables & meat to humans,

The use of it depends on the person who handles the Knife

Life too can be made into whatever we choose,

Its success or Failure lies in the hands of its owner.

To this piece of poetry, don’t pay a deaf ear

And Enjoy the New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S: Please ignore the lame attempt at my poetry and enjoy the New Year. It’s better late than never, Wish you all a Very Happy New Year. Will Be back with something interesting

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Telangana- A New state is a solution?

December 14, 2009

Protests, bandhs, 144section, fasts, heated discussions among friends, relatives, in the office among colleagues, combined with a bundle of uncertainty -that, in short is how it has been around me for the past one month. I always had this feeling that the regional news or rather news from AP seldom appear in the national news but now when I flip the channels, it pains to have A.P. and its politics taking the center stage in the national media and that too for all the wrong reasons.

All of it started with a fast-unto-death by K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) demanding separate Telangana state and he ending the fast after 11 days following the announcement of Union Home Minister’s announcement that the process for formation of a new state would be initiated.  Though I have nothing personal against him, I dislike him to the core for raising tension among people and dividing them for his greed of position.  Resorting to emotional blackmail and playing with the emotions of people is an inexcusable crime and he has been achieving a mastery in both.

Had he been so much interested in the welfare and development of the people of Telangana, why wouldn’t he develop his parliament division and show it as an example for the other parts of Telangana? I bet it would have been a strong point on his side had he developed his division with the funds allotted and said that ‘This is what development is, and how the region can prosper with proper governance and it is for this reason that I demand a separate state which will ensure the development of the entire region’.  Had he done that may be I would have supported him but that did not happen and I am sure will never happen. And by this it is clear that it is he who is primarily discriminating against the people of Telangana.

Having said that, I do not deny the fact that the Telangana Region is under-developed when compared to the other parts of the state. Having lived under the rule of Nizams for a long time, and having been ruled by people (post-independence) who think of nothing except them it is for sure under-developed. But does having a separate state solve the problems?  Everyone who is acting like the champion-of-telangana-people is interested in the CM post the new state would create rather than the welfare of the people.  Why haven’t the leaders who are now demanding a separate state developed it in their limits? Both the M.L.As and the M.P.s are given funds to develop their constituencies and if these people are not able to develop the region with the resources they have now, how can we expect them to develop it if a new state is formed?

One more thing that puzzles me is the reason why the MLAs from the other part of the state have resigned after the announcement by Chidambaram. True that not many are happy with the idea of a separate state but isn’t there any another way to show their displeasure than submitting resignations? What about the non-co-operation and other methods we employed for getting our independence? Election in India is a costly affair and takes in a large amount of the tax-payers money, but still our politicians are hell bent on wasting our money and go about submitting their resignations as they please.

I do believe in de-centralization of power which will help in better development of the country but that need not mean breaking the country into more number of states. De-centralization need not mean more number of states; we already have a government at centre, state and the local municipal level. If true development were to be achieved, isn’t this system good enough?  After the Nizam rule, 9 districts of Telangana have been merged with the then madras presidency. After a while, the state of A.P. has been formed on a linguistic basis and had I been living in that period I am not sure if I would have liked that either. Why can’t we forget what has happened in the past and strive to make a better future rather than digging up the past and making a mess of it in the present?

Assuming a new state forms, going by the news ( The demand for a separate states of Harith Pradesh, Gorkhaland and few other states have hit the headlines after the Telangana issue) I am sure other regions are also fighting for separate states and if we were to break INDIA into further states how do we aim to achieve a stable government at the centre? With 28 states now, in most of the elections, we have a coalition government and if more and states are formed, all we can expect is that the central government formed by a coalition of number of regional parties and there by having lesser and lesser stability.

I fail to find a difference between M.N.S, which says that Marathis should be ruling, living and enjoying the resources of Maharashtra and the leaders demanding a separate Telangana state on a similar logic except for citing development as a cause. I might not have neither the age nor the experience to analyze the issue but if it so clear for someone like me to understand that all this hue and cry has been created only to satisfy the greed of the politicians; I wonder why many others do not.

All said, I don’t mind being in a new state of Telangana but I wish to be ruled by a person who has some brains and though he/she eats away public money, I wish that the person would be using at least half of the money for the welfare of the people(Level of Optimism 🙂 ). Though I was no fan of the Late Chief Minister Y.S.Raja Shekhar Reddy, I feel that all this wouldn’t have happened if he were alive. Had he been there, he would have handled things by hook or crook and avoided this mess which the state is presently in.

P.S: This post is just my personal opinion on the things happening around my state and I don’t mean to hurt others feelings whatsoever. All I want to say is that Development and not a separate state is the solution to all the problems.

26/11 – A recollection

November 27, 2009

Last year this time all of us were glued to the TV sets and were following how terror unfolded in Mumbai. We cried, we complained, we fought back and here we are after a year. The anger in us has subsided but the pain and the fear still lingers deep down in our hearts.  Looking back I am not sure if anything has changed. Yes, there haven’t been any attacks since then but does that mean we are safe and secure and have learnt from our lessons? I am afraid not.

Right after the attacks the whole nation was on a vigil. Everyone was alert and wanted to stop violence at every level. There were metal detectors at every public place, the security increased, the checks were made mandatory. Now, just a year later, the metal detectors remain as they are some switched off, some under repair and of the very few that are working no one bothers to check even if it beeped if we are passing through it. Half the security is still doing its duty but not how truthfully they did about a year ago. It has become a routine for them and yes for us too. By and large, we still live the same way.

I write this post not for anyone except for me in the hope that 10 or 20 years down the memory lane when I read this incident would just be a distant memory and the ‘system’ has changed for the better by then.

The political tamasha that I wrote about last year still remains the same. Though a year passed by, the attitude of our politicians did not change. They are sitting in the parliament and still playing the blame game. 26/11 didn’t happen because of the failure of a single person/single party. It happened because a number of people who were supposed to do their duty did not do their jobs properly.

I have read that the narrow minded idiots who think people of one state should stay in their state only and the rest should be thrown out, the same people who were sitting comfortably in their homes when their own city was subject to so much torture have put up banners having the photos of the heroes who shed their lives saving their fellow citizens and that these banners dint have neither the names nor the pictures of the officers from other state who sacrificed their life for the same cause. Didn’t the common sense that had the same heroes thought like these idiots there would have been more bloodshed and more lives lost occur to them? I fail to understand how anyone can vote for such people who wish to break the country for their own selfish motives.

At this point of time, I am not sure if I hate Kasab or not. Yes, I have loathed these 10 people for what they did and wanted the lone survivor to be hanged to death as soon as possible but then it’s not he who is the real culprit; It was someone else who is still sitting comfortably in some part of the world and planning for some other attack in some other place. Kasab and the rest were just following the instructions they were given. The real justice can only be done when the master-minds of such attacks are also punished along with those who implemented the attacks.  And I sincerely hope against hope that this will be done sooner.

Co-incidentally, the 1st anniversary of the Mumbai attack is also the anniversary of the constitution being adopted. Hope the laws and procedures written in that book are implemented strictly and the guilty are punished soon.

Tastes which are different

November 5, 2009

I call myself a foodie, but then i am very choosy about what i eat. The food i eat must first look good and it is only then that i at least keep it in my mouth for tasting it. My mom still has a tough time with my picky choices :|Many have called my food habits weird but i find it completely normal and listed below are few such tastes of mine.

Chocolates — A complete No No

I know this sounds weird but I am the one rare species which doesn’t like chocolates. I dislike most of the varieties of chocolates and same is the case with chocolate drinks. The only ones i eat are 5star, Milky Bar and Bar-One at times( i might be sounding like a school kid listing the chocolate names but these are these 3 are the only ones i eat , i am bound to remember them) . So all the time people give away chocolates for birthdays, parties or any other reason,i simply take them to avoid questions as to why i don’t like those chocolates and to further avoid a loong discussion on how people cannot like chocolates, and give those chocolates to someone later. My Friends in College and My brother at my home were benefited a lot by this taste of mine as they got to eat all the chocolates on my name.

Ice- Cream — Only Vanilla

Ya ya i can guess the expression on your face. I like ice cream and would love eat loads and loads of it but it has to be Vanilla 🙂 Strawberry or mint would also do but Vanilla would always be the primary choice 🙂

Once when few of my cousins were gathered together for lunch, one of my aunts gave me butterscotch ice cream and i said i don’t want to eat it. She was thinking i was feeling shy and she was asking me to eat it again and again. It was only when i said that i only eat Vanilla, she stopped asking me and everyone around shared a hearty laugh at my expense 😐

Milk  — With only Sugar

The one and only healthy thing i do everyday is have a glass of milk and i would like my Milk to be plain i.e only a spoon of sugar and nothing and i mean nothing with it. The milk should be warm not hot and it should not have the cream which develops over it. I would filter the milk if i see a slight trace of cream over it 🙂 I have tried and tasted few of the health drinks but none of it tastes better than plain milk and hence i stick to Plain milk. Again many have been surprised by this taste of mine.

Curd Rice with Chicken Curry

Many have told me that it is a unhealthy combination but i simply  love it. We have this habit of eating curd rice at the end of lunch/dinner and i am no fan of it and try to avoid eating it whenever possible. But if it is served with chicken curry then i would like to eat it as the main dish itself 🙂 The cold curd rice mixed with hot chicken curry, i feel it is a wonderful combination and it tastes absolutely yummy.

Now tell me how many of you have such weird tastes? Anyone loves the above mentioned food combination or dislikes chocolates like me?

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The Tale of Two books and a Ramble

October 27, 2009

I have completed reading the ‘2 states’ by Chethan Bhagat. This is the first time that I bought a book within a month of its release and even completed reading it. Going by the history of my book reading it is no less than an achievement. Coming back to the book, it was a nice read. I am sure everyone Who reads the cover page of the book would be tempted to give it a read. Also, the price (Rs. 95/-) is low.

Cover Page:

Love marriages around the world are simple:Boy loves girl. Girl loves boy.
They get married.

In India, there are a few more steps:

Boy loves Girl. Girl loves Boy.
Girl’s family has to love boy. Boy’s family has to love girl.
Girl’s Family has to love Boy’s Family. Boy’s family has to love girl’s family.
Girl and Boy still love each other. They get married.”

Speaking of books, the other book which I read in the recent times is the Paths of Glory by Jeffrey Archer. It was a nice read. It was about a person whose aim was to conquer the Everest and his journey to achieve that goal. Though the ending was quite obvious from the cover page of the book, I felt bad after reading the book. All your life you struggle for something, even achieve it and the world will not even know about it! The whole struggle seems to be meaningless.

After reading every book, I am always marveled at the way people write books or for that matter a blog post. Writing is not an easy job. To write about happenings around a person is one thing but to put all the things into one form and arrange them in an order which keeps the reader interested is no mean task. Fiction is all together a different world. To imagine things and weave them into a nice story without elaborating too much needs a huge effort and definitely needs brains 🙂 Cheers to all the writers in the world!

50 Years of Doordarshan

October 13, 2009

On September 15th 2009, Doordarshan has completed 50 years.

50 years! Very long time. Isn’t it? Today, with over a 100+ channels, most of them 24X7, I am not sure how many of them will be remembered after 10 years. But I am sure DD still lingers in the memories of many. For me Doordarshan has been a part and parcel of my Childhood. We dint have a cable connection until probably I was in my 7th or 8th standard and until then the only source of information-cum-entertainment was that black and white TV set with DD being aired.


Unlike 99%of the channels these days, most of the shows aired on DD were both informative and entertaining. I loved almost all the programs aired. Be it shows like Ramayana/Mahabharath or Surbhi. The little of history I know, I owe it to these shows. I remember having waiting for the Sundays to watch the special shows aired by DD. As far as I remember, Kroor singh of Chandrakanta was the first villain character I came across in TV.

I have no clue how it went on in other states but in AP, the single channel on TV would be shared between DD1 (the national channel) and DD8 (the Telugu channel). They use to change the frequency from dd1 to dd8 from 4pm to 9pm. Sunday 4pm feature film has been an integral part of my school days. We used to sit glued to television and munch whatever mom used to give us. My parents never missed the 7 pm news. Which were followed by Urdu news at 7:15. It used to sound Greek and Latin to us at that age but we used sit through all of it and try understanding it by relating it to the Telugu news we heard 15 minutes back.

The ads have also been memorable back then. The ‘Hamara Bajaj’ Ad, the songs relating to the diversity of our country like the Mile sur mera tumhara.., vandemataram all of them were so wonderfully made. Though I like few ads being aired now, I feel that these days there are no ads which can match their counterparts being aired on DD back then.

As time passed by and the channels increased, I have gradually stopped watching DD and now, I rarely tune into the channel except for the Indian cricket matches shown, which will be aired when the other channels don’t. Though DD is nowhere in the race for the TRP’s, I guess it will be one channel remembered by many for a really long time.